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2015 - Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing and Print Media), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne

Solo Exhibitions

2019 - ‘Magic Words, Good Manners’, TCB Gallery, Melbourne

2017 - 'Dying on the Vine', Hladilnica, Maribor, Slovenia

2017 - 'Never Rich', c3 Gallery, Melbourne

Selected Group Exhibitions

[Forthcoming] 2023 - ''Alchemy' curated by Linsey Gosper, Danny Tan, South Yarra

2023 - 'Connors Connor's' fundraiser, Melbourne

2023 - 'Whole fish' curated by Jemi Gale, Felt Space, Adelaide

2021 - ARTWEAR 2021', curated by Louise Klerks, Missing Persons, Melbourne

2021 - '4am Flaming Arrows', curated by Jemi Gale, Bundoora Homestead, Melbourne

2021 - 'Farmers Almanac', Cleo the Gallery, Savannah, Georgia, USA

2020 - 'Sounds of Pacing' Conners Conners, Fitzroy

2019 - 'The World is a Teenager' curated by Adam Stone, Lon Gallery Offsite Project, Melbourne

2019 - 'Machines Don't Have Eyes But Birds Do' with Alice McIntosh, Zoe Whitson, Jemi Gale and Lei Lei Kung, C3 Gallery, Melbourne

2019 - '28 Beasts' Curated by Jake Treacy and Ben Taranto, Offsite Location, Melbourne

2018 - Blindside Annual Fundraiser, B-side to Diego Ramirez, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne

2018 - c3 TRAIN/ENNIAL Annual Fundraiser, c3 Gallery, Melbourne

2018 - 'Family Grimoires: The Diaspora Fantastic' curated by Diego Ramirez, SEVENTH Gallery, Melbourne

2018 - 65th Blake Prize, Casula Powerhouse, Casula, NSW

2017 - 'Fake News' curated by Phoebe Beard, Visual Bulk, Hobart

2017 - c3 + Annual Fundraiser, c3 Gallery, Melbourne

2017 - 'Window Shopper' curated by Adam Stone, Campbell Arcade, Melbourne

2017 - 'A Joke Without Laughter' curated by Katie Paine. c3 Gallery, Melbourne.

2017 - 'Don't take me home', offsite project, Melbourne

2017 - 'Eyes of a Blue Dog', Bus Projects, Melbourne.

2016 - 'Drowning in a Bird Bath' with Ben Jones, TANS Martial Arts, Melbourne.

2016 - 'Can't Look, Can't Look Away' curated by Amelia Winata, The Counihan Gallery, Brunswick.

2016 - 'Cafe Vanity', La Fragua Artist Residency, Belalcázar, Spain.

2016 - 'Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are', LON Gallery, Melbourne

2016 - 'Meerkat Milk Carton Manor', TANS Martial, Melbourne

2015 - Graduate Exhibition, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.

2015 - 'Passions' curated by Raafat Ishak, Sutton Project Space, Melbourne.

2014 - 'Drawn Drawn' curated by Raafat Ishak, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne.

Awards, Residencies, Grants


2020 - COVID19 National Assistance Program for the Arts

2018 - 65th Blake Prize Finalist, Casula Powerhouse, Casula, NSW

2017 - Guest Room Maribor Artist Residency and Scholarship, Maribor, Slovenia.

2016 - La Fragua Artist Residency, Córdoba, Belalcázar, Spain.

2015 - National Gallery of Victoria Women's Association Awards, Graduate Exhibition, VCA.

2015 - VCASA 'Gender and Sexual Equality Award', Proud, Margaret Lawrence Gallery.

2014 - Stuart Black Memorial Drawing Scholarship, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne.



Empty Mind Plaza, Melbourne, 2022

'The Sounds of Pacing Fills New Gallery Conners Conners' by Zara Sigglekow, Art Guide Australia, 2020

'The Falling Star’ text by Diego Ramirez for ‘Magic Words, Good Manners’ at TCB 2019

'Umiranje na trti / Dying on the Vine' by Irena Borić, GRM Katalog 2018 (Slovenian/ English)

Review of exhibition 'Never Rich' by Diego Ramirez titled: 'Faith in the Perishability of Love" 2017

'Dark Glass' in the visual essay 'All the things you see now will soon be gone and the things we can't see will last forever' by Simon Pericich, Art And Australia: The Plague, 2017

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